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2Why Major In Psychology?Interactive Video
3Brown v. Board of Education PodcastAudio
4Molecular Mechanism of Synaptic FunctionInteractive Video
5Psych - Reliability and ValidityCourse Presentation
6Carl Rogers on Person-Centered Therapy VideoInteractive Video
7InBrief: Early Childhood Program EffectivenessInteractive Video
8Conjoined twins share taste, sight, feelings and thoughtsInteractive Video
9Ch. 1 Review QuestionsQuestion Set
10Classical Conditioning PracticeDrag Text
11Bystander Effect PracticeQuestion Set
12Bystander Effect VideoInteractive Video
13Rat Basketball Video: Operant ConditioningInteractive Video
14Nervous System Brain Anatomy labeling activityDrag and Drop
15Sensory System Ear AnatomyDrag and Drop
16Biopsych and Evolutionary PsychCourse Presentation
17Lobes of the brainImage Hotspots
18How Do You Amputate A Phantom Limb?Audio
20Sensory System Eye AnatomyDrag and Drop
21Endocrine System AnatomyDrag and Drop
22Theories of IntelligenceCourse Presentation
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