H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
23Self Monitoring AppInteractive Video
24Macronutrients or MicronutrientsFill in the Blanks
25This or that...Micro or Macro?Single Choice Set
26Test your brain!True/False Question
27Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes.Multiple Choice
28Performance AwarenessDialog Cards
29insulin questionMultiple Choice
30IBSDrag Text
31Ways to stretch your food dollarsDrag Text
32Folate plays an important DNA, red and white blood cells, as well as other genetic material.Multiple Choice
33Blood Pressure ReadingsDrag Text
34Managing High Blood PressureMultiple Choice
35IBS multiple choiceMultiple Choice
36People at Risk Drag the Word Check!Drag Text
37High Blood Pressure Can Lead ToMultiple Choice
38Blood Pressure RangesDrag Text
39HBP Causes 1True/False Question
40HBP Causes 2True/False Question
41HBP Causes 3True/False Question
42VitaminMultiple Choice
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