Steven Earle

I am grateful to the members of the BC Earth Science Articulation Committee for their encouragement and support during this project, and to the following colleagues from institutions around BC and elsewhere for acting as subject matter experts and chapter reviewers: Sandra Johnstone, Kathleen Jagger, Tim Stokes, Cathie Hickson, Michelle Lamberson, Casey Brant, Alan Gilchrist, Deirdre Hopkins, Todd Redding, Duncan Johansen, Craig Nicol, John Martin, Mark Smith, Jeff Lewis, and Russel Hartlaub. I am also grateful to Karla Panchuk of the University of Saskatchewan for conceiving and writing Chapter 22, The Origin of the Earth and the Solar System.

I thank the staff of BCcampus, especially Amanda Coolidge for her excellent guidance and devotion to this project, and also Clint Lalonde and Lauri Aesoph.

And finally, I thank my family for inspiration and help, especially Justine and Kate, and also Isaac, Rosie, Heather, and Tim.


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