These fourteen laboratory exercises have been created for and tested in Environmental Geology and Disasters (GLG110) classes at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Arizona. These labs make extensive use of hands-on learning. Many use Google Maps to take the students on a virtual field trip. Current events and real-world situations are included. Some labs require the student to use Google Slides. A few labs are based on interactive simulations. Students will apply math skills and  while emphasizing higher-order thinking skills over memorization and repetition only. As our school is in Arizona, some labs focus on the Southwest, but the geologic objectives and lessons apply no matter where the student is.

Each lab is self-contained and easy to follow, but instructors should complete each lab before assigning to students to become familiar with the content.

Each lab includes where appropriate A) objectives, B) vocabulary, C) list of materials, D) the lab, and E) discussion questions. Other instructor-related or extension items may be included at the end of each document.

Instructors are welcome to use and adapt these as needed following Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. Credit must be given to the author. Commercial use is not allowed.

Please forward suggestions and questions to Jeff Simpson.

This is a Google docs list of these same labs.


1 – Energy & Power

2 – Historical CO2 Levels

3 – Climate Change: Impacts Around the World with Carolina Londoño Michel, CGCC

4 – EN-ROADS Climate Simulator

5 – Population

6 – Population Pyramid

6 – Plate Tectonics

7 – Age of the Hawaiian Islands

8 – Earthquakes: Recent Events, Parts, and Causes & Effects

9 – Earthquakes: Plotting Using Coordinates

10 – Volcanoes and Volcanic Hazards

11 – Mineral Resources & Mining in Arizona*

12 – Economic Minerals*

13 – Mass Wasting* with Carolina Londoño Michel

14 – Water Footprint with Carolina Londoño Michel

*May overlap with GLG101, Introduction to Geology


To be added…

A. Water Pollution.


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