Introducing the Maricopa Open Digital Press Gold Seal

Our goal is to create a robust set of Gold Seal MOD Press textbooks and resources. To qualify for the Gold Seal, the MOD Pressbook must have ALL of the following characteristics:

  1. MCCCD Competency and Outline Alignment:
    1. Align the MOD Pressbook as closely as possible with the course outline established by MCCCD. List the relevant competencies and learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter.
  2. Open and Accessible Media:
    1. Address ADA accessibility for all media (captions, alternative text, etc.)
      1. Achieve Rubric for Assurance of Accessibility Standards (see Rubric VIII, pages 10-11 of the linked document)
    2. Provide a table of contents of media assets along with Creative Commons licensing at the end of each chapter and/or the end of the MOD Pressbook.
    3. Include an assessment/knowledge check embedded within the media, the chapter, and/or at the conclusion of the chapter
  3. Creative Commons License:
    1. Publish all the information, media, and activities as open resources, properly attributed.
  4. Instructor Resources:
    1. Provide instructor resources that include at a minimum an explanation of how the book incorporates representation and diversity, and universal design.
      1. Resources on representation, diversity, and universal design:
        1. OpenStax Representation and Diversity Development Guidelines
        2. Universal Design for Learning (UDL):
    2. Identify how instructors and students can find and best make use of representation, diversity, and universal design aspects of the book.

The MOD Pressbook library will contain a range of Pressbooks, but any Pressbook that has received the MOD Pressbook Gold Seal will be clearly identified so that Maricopa faculty know it has been vetted for the five qualifications outlined above.


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