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By engaging in and reflecting upon the content, processes, and assignments in Claim Your Voice in First Year Composition, Volumes 1 and 2, you will begin to develop an identity as an academic “insider” and a competent college writer, reader, and researcher.  We hope you will experience a growing sense of  empowerment as a person who can harness their literacies and rhetorical knowledge most effectively to inform, persuade, and even entertain others.  Through the instructional content, exercises, and assignments presented in this textbook content, you will explore the relationships among your multiple personal and academic literacies and your sense of empowerment to use these literacies to achieve your desired outcomes in any given situation. We hope you will see the value of  the knowledge, skills, and literacy self-awareness gained from working through this series for not only meeting your academic goals, but also as a foundation for your lifelong learning.

One side note: If you are accessing this textbook from a campus other than Scottsdale Community College (AZ), some of the library content may not be accessible to you. However, most college libraries do have similar services and database subscriptions, so contact your campus online library site and your local librarians for guidance.

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