Note to Instructors

Institution Specific Resources

This ebook contains links to Scottsdale Community College (SCC) specific resources such as subscription based research databases and an online chat platform. While these resources are not considered OER, most colleges and universities provide access to similar resources through their respective libraries at no additional cost to students. Before adopting the use of this text, it is important to edit/remove these institution specific links. Check with your own institution’s library and librarians for assistance with finding and utilizing comparable resources.

Guide to Institution Specific Resources by Chapter

  • Chapter 3: Rhetorical Research
    •  3.3.1
      • Hot Topics (links to SCC database page)
    •  3.3.2
      • Subject Specific Reference Sources (links to SCC databases)
      • Editor’s Note (links to SCC database)
      • Databases (links to SCC database list)
    •  3.3.3
      • Examples link to articles within SCC databases (Credo Reference, Opposing Viewpoints)
    •  3.3.7
      • Databases (links to SCC database list)
      • OneSearch video (demonstrates searching using OneSearch Discovery)
    •  3.3.8
      • 24/7 Ask a Librarian Chat Widget (Directly connects to the Scottsdale Community College Ask a Librarian chat service. Students within the Maricopa Community College (MCCD) district should utilize the chat widget for their own college. Students outside of MCCD should be directed to their own library for research assistance.
  • Chapter 4: Understanding and Composing Researched Arguments
    • 4.3.2
      • Opposing Viewpoints (links to Opposing Viewpoints database)
      • Opposing Viewpoints video (demonstrates searching using Opposing Viewpoints database)


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