Review Statement

Each chapter in this collection went through at least three reviews:

  • An initial draft underwent close reading and response by members of the editorial team.
  • A revised draft went through an open peer review.
  • A further revised draft went through final editorial review and copy editing.

Each peer review consisted of at least two in-depth responses. Where possible, a chapter was reviewed by both a librarian and by a subject matter expert or open education advocate.

Peer Reviewers

Many people answered the call to share their expertise and critical insights to review and refine chapter drafts. We thank you all for your generous gift of time and thoughtfulness.

  • April Akins, Lander University
  • Lisa Anderson, Muskegon Community College
  • Vanessa Arce Senati, Lehman College, CUNY
  • Stephanie Barrett, University of Rochester
  • Lisa Becksford, Virginia Tech
  • Stephanie Beene, University of New Mexico
  • Corrie Bergeron, Lakeland Community College
  • Kyle Binaxas, Richard Bland College of William & Mary
  • Colleen Boyle, Pueblo Community College
  • Mary Burgess, BCcampus
  • Crystal Calhoun, West Georgia Technical College
  • Matt Connell, Barton Community College
  • Will Cross, North Carolina State University
  • Lydia Curliss, Brown University
  • Tiffany Davis, Mount Saint Mary College
  • Diane Dias De Fazio, University of Iowa
  • V. Dozier, University of San Diego
  • Lance Eaton, Brandeis University
  • Jennifer Englund, University of Minnesota
  • Christine Faraday, SUNY Nassau Community College
  • Rosalind L. Fielder-Giscombe, Chicago State University
  • Katie Ghidiu, Monroe Community College
  • Sarah Grace Glover, University of North Georgia
  • Brittany Hickey, Columbia College
  • Amanda Kraft, College of Charleston
  • Amanda Larson, The Ohio State University
  • Erin Maney, SUNY System Administration
  • James McDonald, University of Hartford
  • Lee Miller, Barton Community College
  • Jack O’Grady, Austin Community College
  • Carmen Orth-Alfie, University of Kansas
  • Courtney Paddick, Bloomsburg University
  • Nicco Pandolfi, Northwestern Michigan College
  • Hannah Park, American University
  • Jennifer Pedersen, Kenai Peninsula College
  • Eric Prosser, Arizona State University
  • Emily Ragan, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Melissa Randall, Community College of Denver
  • Orisa Santiago Morrice, University of Rochester
  • Sarah Siddiqui, University of Rochester
  • Nathan Smith, Houston Community College
  • Adam Q. Stauffer, University of Rochester
  • Amanda Wentworth, SUNY Geneseo
  • Jamia Williams, University of Rochester

Copy Editors

Another set of talented volunteers stepped up with polishing and refining each chapter towards the end of this process. We are deeply appreciative.

  • Jen Anderson, Sage Colleges
  • Liz Andre, University of Rochester
  • Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Justina Brown, Western Washington University
  • Heather Bush, Eckerd College
  • Phillip Edwards, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Alina Holmes, Western Washington University
  • Jeffery Jones, Monroe Community College
  • Jennifer Little Kegler, SUNY Brockport
  • Jessica McClean, Texas State University
  • Helen McManus, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Susan Montgomery, Rollins College
  • Sarah K. Myers, Messiah College
  • Sarah M. Paige, Eastern Florida State College
  • Louann Terveer, Macalester College
  • Rebekah Walker, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Amanda Wentworth, SUNY Geneseo

University of Rochester Student Copy Editors

A special subset of copy editors are students from WRT 252, Principles and Practices of Copyediting, taught by Dustin Hannum in Spring 2020. In the true spirit of open pedagogy, these students completed copy editing of four chapters as their final project for the course. It is clear from the students’ reports to authors that they took this work very seriously, were considerate in their suggestions, relied on their assigned partner to confirm editorial choices, and learned a great deal from this real-world project.

Hannum summarized the student experience by stating, “every single student indicated that their work on this project was one of the most valuable experiences they had in the class (and at least one student expressed that, as far as school was concerned, it was the highlight of the post-spring break COVID lockdown period for them).”

  • Hayley McGowan & Jordan Mangefrida
  • Anna Suben & Hannah Cook
  • Fan Xi Tang & Eleanore Barrera
  • Cameron DeMott & Lauren Berry


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