Sharing the End of the World: Students’ Perceptions of Their Self-Efficacy in the Creation of Open Access Digital Learning Objects

Sarah Hutton; Lisa Di Valentino; and Paul Musgrave

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  1. Digital student scholarship, supported by Digital Media Lab (DML); advocacy for open access publishing, Creative Commons licensing, and teaching students about the importance of understanding their role in the global scholarship landscape ("Managing Your Data"); specialization in public policy, government and legal studies, where instruction regarding attribution licensing and open scholarship could be tailored to the discipline of the course ("Public Policy and Administration").
  2. In addition to supporting audio capture and production, the DML provides spaces, equipment and staff to accommodate video production, 3D modeling and fabrication, and the development of VR/AR/Immersive Technologies.
  3. UMass Amherst Libraries, Scholarly Communication.
  4. UMass Amherst LibGuides, Lisa Di Valentino.
  5. UMass Amherst Libraries, POLISCI 390WH: The Politics of the End of the World.
  6. Link to Survey Instrument: Student Perception of Self-Efficacy in Student Creation of Multimedia Open Educational Resources.
  7. Final Examination.


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