Nutrition plays an important role in your life in relation to good health and well-being. Maybe, you’ve really never given much thought about nutrition. However, by taking a proactive approach to your health, you can rebuild a better, stronger foundation and move towards good health. This book can help you understand which foods to include in your diet and how those nutrients provide support for growth and repair in your body. The science-based information in this book can help guide you on a new journey towards good health. Each chapter introduces you to easy to understand nutritional topics from why nutrients are essential, how your body uses them and which foods contain those vital nutrients. Additionally, we will look at common diseases associated with eating too much and too little.

How this book is organized

Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of nutrition. We begin with where our food comes from and how we get nutrients into our bodies through the process of digestion and absorption. At the end of the book, we explore what nutrition looks like during each stage of the life cycle from conception to the elderly years.

Throughout the book, you’ll find a variety of interactives such as informative videos, non-graded quizzes, and matching activities to help you pause and think about the information. You will also notice the book is formatted with colored heading boxes. The GREEN boxes identify what you will learn in each chapter and list the learning objectives at the end of each chapter. The BLUE boxes identify activities to enhance your learning. The PURPLE boxes identify areas that you may want to explore further.


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