5 Story Cards

Fill 8 tiles with random images by selecting Deal the cards.


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Story Cards are a set of 8 card tiles that fill with random images when you deal the cards. They can be used to have students create a story using as many of the pictures as possible.

Teaching Ideas

  • Deal the story cards, have students choose an image, and share something about themselves related to the image.
  • Deal the story cards and ask students to write a cohesive story based on the images.
  • Have students deal a set of story cards and create sentences with specific grammar forms based on the images they dealt.
  • Generate story images as a class, but have students write on their own. Deal a set of story cards, have a student select one image and share it aloud, then give the class time to write part of a story about the image. Have another student select the next image and share. Have students add to their stories based on each new image. Deal new images anytime you wish. Repeat as desired. Consider sharing aloud at the end.
  • Divide students into groups. Each group deals their own set of story cards. Give them 5 minutes to make as many connections as possible between their images and course content. Score groups based on the quality of their connections.

Note: Some ideas adapted from ELT Experiences‘ teaching ideas for Story Cubes (Sketchley, n.d.).

How to Use

Load Story Cards in your web browser and share your screen. Use the button to deal a set of cards. Or, provide the link to students via chat before sending them into breakout groups. For each group, designate one student who will copy the link, share their screen, and deal Story Cards for their group.


Story Cards by ESL Games is part of a collection of games and activities designed for teaching English to adults.


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