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I’d like to share some information about my approach and plan for research this fall.

Web accessibility and Neurodiversity are not widely explored ideas in my experience, and with my research I’m hoping to bring more awareness to the needs of neurodiverse users on the web, and to encourage co-design and broader outreach in user research. I’d like to focus on the needs of three user groups; those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, or dyslexia. I’ve chosen to narrow my scope to these three groups and treat each seperately within my research.

In the fall, I’m hoping to do some co-design with individuals that identify with having these types of disabilities to learn more about their technology preferences, their needs on the web, and what they’re looking for!

ADHD Umbrella Project with umbrellas in the sky
This image is from the ADHD Umbrella Project 2018

At the end of the day, differences and needs should be celebrated, and I’m excited to learn more about web preferences. Something I anticipate is that the needs will be vastly different person to person, given that everyone is unique.

Great – thanks for stopping by and learning more about my upcoming research plans. Pop on over to my next page to learn more about current web accessibility guidelines and start a web scavenger hunt.


Image source: ADHD Umbrella Project 2018 – by PrintKick Ltd.


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