Inclusive Music Experiences for the Deaf and and Hard of Hearing by Wanqing Liu


Welcome to my exhibit of my major research project. My MRP topic is inclusive music experience for the D/deaf and hard of hearing. This exhibit aims to show my current exploration and future direction in the topic, including the background, knowledge gap, and my demo, etc. Visitors will interact with multimedia to put themselves in the shoes of the d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing, and realize the importance of improving music accessibility.

If you have any suggestions, questions or want to discuss with me, please contact me via email:


Wanqing Liu



Wanqing Liu is an industrial designer graduated from South China University of Technology.

The key areas which she is passionate about are toy design, graphic design and assistive product design. She believes that the role of designers is to coordinate the relationship among human beings, objects and environment, with their creativity and empathy. With the enthusiasm for that, she is now participating in the Inclusive Design program and would like to apply inclusive design principles into her future design.



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