Improving Inclusion in Digital Design by Isabel Casanova Ledesma

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Hello and welcome! Thanks for dropping by and coming to this exhibit where I will be exploring with you how can we improve inclusion in society by changing specific behaviours and tools used by digital designers.

The exhibit is split in three distinct parts:

Please check out the rest of the exhibit at your own pleasure and I hope you find it as interesting as I do. Want do discuss this topic further with me? Please get in touch directly on twitter (@isabl) or writing a nice email at isabel.casanova[at]

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Isabel Casanova Ledesma is a product design strategist based on Toronto with 15+ years of experience in industries like retail, finance, travel and media. She is passionate about the connection between digital and physical services, and the users that come with them.

She has wore many different hats in the digital design field since then such as interaction designer, service designer and accessibility specialist. She has lived in five different countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and at one time was a pretty decent volleyball player.

Her major research project is directly inspired by her experience as a design consultant, and she is very confident that small changes to digital design processes can bring large improvements in societal inclusion.


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