Dungeons & Dragons & Neurodiversity: The Transformative and Life-Enriching Effects for Neurodiverse Adults by Caleb Valorozo-Jones

Design is Innovation

Welcome, Adventurers! This exhibit is on Dungeons & Dragons and its transformative and life-enriching effects for Neurodiverse adults. Before we begin our adventure, you will learn more about:

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Autism and ADHD, and historically harmful and exclusive therapeutic practices
  • Unique aspects of Neurodiverse culture, self-advocacy, identity and self-exploration

This virtual exhibit also has an interactive module that is accessible by the link below.

Questions, comments, or queries? Want to gush about D&D and research? Connect with Caleb directly on Twitter @qrnrd or by email caleb.jones[at]student.ocadu.ca

Caleb, a white man with curly red hair and large round glasses smiling.

Caleb ValorozoJones is an inclusive and equity focused UX Designer, food allergy ‘foodie’, and accidental rubber duck collector. A lifelong misfit and ‘edge case’, Caleb’s design ethos focuses on increasing representation of marginalized groups, with specific research interests in 2SLGBTQ+ studies, Neurodiverse and Autism studies, food allergies, and digital accessibility. When he’s not designing for his fellow misfits, Caleb loves to read, make music, play board games, video games and Dungeons & Dragons, and make grilled cheeses and pretzels.


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