The Headband: Passive Protection Products to Reduce the Risk of Retinal Detachment by Zilong Li

Design is: Creativity


Before introducing my work, I would like to introduce myself, and I will tell you about my creative journey and source of inspiration.

Hello, I’m Zilong, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old, first with 1.0 diopters for both eyes, then increased 1.0 diopters every year. My parents took me to see many ophthalmologists, but their conclusions were different, some thought it was a genetic problem (both of my parents had myopia), some thought I watched too much TV.

As my myopia problem got worse, I was banned from watching TV, even on the computer. So, in childhood when everyone was playing computer games, I could only kill my time by reading comic books and outdoor sports. However, the situation has not improved. My eyes still grow by 1.0 diopters per year. I basically need to change a pair of glasses every year.

When I reach 8.0 diopters, the doctor advised me to reduce strenuous exercise and move heavy objects. At that time, I just fell in love with playing basketball. I didn’t understand the doctor’s advice at the time, but I could clearly feel that when I played basketball with thick glasses, my glasses were often hit and damaged, and my eyes are often injured by wearing glasses while playing basketball. At that time, I felt the disadvantages of wearing glasses for the first time, and it was also the first time that I wondered whether the need to wear glasses is a disability.

This kind of question has always been with me. By the third year of my university, our professor asked us to create painting propositions and complete them. At that time, I wanted to let everyone see the problems faced by people with high myopia, so I decided to take off my eyes and paint. First, I hope the audience can see the blurry scene I see. Before making changes, we need to be recognized by the public. Second, I hope that after seeing my work, myopic people realize that being unable to see clearly is not a disability. On the contrary, it may be an advantage. This kind of blurry picture can only be seen by us near-sighted people without glasses.

After I finished my work, my professor told me that my ideas shouldn’t just stay in artistic creation. If I really want to change a practical and changeable problem, then I should go to the field of design, really create something to benefit the nearsighted people.

Therefore, what you are about to see is a goal I have always wanted to accomplish. I want high myopic people to do every sport they want, I want them to feel that wearing glasses is not a disability, because I see it as a motivation for my creativity.


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