H1: Comma with Compound Sentences

H1: Comma with Compound Sentences: Use commas to separate independent clauses when they are joined by any of these seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet. See Writing for Success Section 3.1 pp. 103-104 or RULE 1 of the following: https://www.iue.edu/hss/writingcenter/documents/Commas.pdf 


Everyone in the class got some candy, and I want some candy too.

(Notice how the underlined clauses could be their own complete sentences?  When that’s the case on both sides of the conjunction, use a comma before the conjunction.)


DO NOT use a comma if there is not a new subject in the second clause. (H13)

John felt he could save the world and still be home for dinner that night.



H1-XIn most cases, don’t put the comma after the coordinating conjunction in a compound sentence.  The comma goes before the conjunction. 

I like flying, but I prefer to drive.  (Correct)

I like flying but, I prefer to drive.  (Incorrect)



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