P2: Articles and Nouns

P2: Articles and Nouns: Use articles when appropriate based on count or noncount nouns.  See Writing for Success Section 5.3 pp. 183-186 or the following: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/determiners/determiners.htm


Use articles with count nouns.

A cat is trapped on the roof – Correct

Cat is trapped on the roof — Incorrect

The cat is licking its paws. – Correct

Cat is licking its paws.  – Incorrect


Don’t use articles with non-count nouns.

Smiling can put people at ease. – Correct

The smiling can put people at ease.  – Incorrect

Jonah’s dog appeared to have rabies. – Correct

Jonah’s dog appeared to have the rabies. – Incorrect



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