C4: Verbs: Modals

C4: Verbs: Modals: Use modal auxiliaries (can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would) correctly with verbs to communicate the appropriate mood and tense.  See Writing for Success Section 5.6 pp. 207-211 or the following: http://esl.fis.edu/grammar/rules/modal.htm



I can carry all the groceries up the stairs.

Sam could have taken eighteen credits last semester.



The Hendersons may move out of the neighborhood.

Sarah might have been drinking too much coffee that morning.



Students must schedule time to complete their homework.

It must have been below freezing last night since the plants are dead.


Expectation or Advisement:

Mark should not be late for any more classes.

The wedding should have been held in grandma’s backyard.



The town council shall invite all the taxpayers to the gala.

Debra shall be known as the Queen of the Heartland.



I would fix the fence if I knew where to buy the right nails.

I would have built the smokehouse right next to the shed.



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