B1: Subject-Verb Agreement, Basic Standards

B1: Subject-Verb Agreement, Basic Standards: Agreement in speech and in writing refers to the proper grammatical match between words and phrases. Parts of sentences must agree, or correspond with other parts, in number, person, case, and gender. See Writing for Success Section 2.2 pp. 54-57 or the following: https://webapps.towson.edu/ows/moduleSVAGR.htm

 -s & -es Endings with Person & Number

Singular (1)

First:                I rock.

Second:           You rock.

Third:             He rocks.

     She rocks.

                        It rocks.

(any noun)      The band rocks.


Plural (more than 1)

1st.                  We rock.

2nd                  All of you (y’all in TX) rock.

3rd                  They rock.

(any noun)    People rock.


Plural subjects have an “s” or “es” ending.  Their verbs do not.

Mountains rock.             Cars rock.

Oranges rock.                 Sandwiches rock.


The verb “to be”                                The verb “to have”                            The Verb “to do”

I am.                                                    I have                                                 I do

You are.                                              You have                                            You do

He/She/It is.                                    He/She/It has                                 He/She/It does

The dog is.                                         The dog has                                      The dog does

We are.                                               We have                                             We do

They are.                                            They have                                          They do

The dogs are.                                     The dogs have                                   The dogs do


The class is in the next building.       The plumber has fixed the sink.    The elk does stink.

Friends are found throughout life.    The hikers have lost their way.      The students do agree.




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