F1: Adjectives & Adverbs

F1: Adjectives & Adverbs: Find your specific adjective or adverb problem in this section and write the rule for that specific problem.  See Writing for Success Section 2.6 pp. 85-90 or pp. 3-6 of the following: http://accounts.smccd.edu/skyenglish/14grammar.pdf


Adjectives modify nouns should be placed before the noun.

He saw a view beautiful from where he stopped the car.  (Incorrect)

He saw a beautiful view from where he stopped the car.  (Correct)


Use adverbs, not adjectives, to modify verbs.  Adverbs are often (but not always) adjectives with -ly on the end. 

He stepped light while walking the haunted pathway.  (Incorrect)

He stepped lightly while walking the haunted pathway.  (Correct)


Adjectives can also modify nouns through a linking verb.  Use adjective form here.

The burrito seemed enormously(Incorrect)

The burrito seemed enormous(Correct)

I feel terribly today.  (Incorrect) – unless you meant your fingers were numb, modifying “feel.”

I feel terrible today (Correct) – here the adjective modifies “I.”


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