H6: Comma with Coordinate Adjectives

H6: Comma with Coordinate Adjectives: Use commas to separate two or more coordinate adjectives that describe the same noun. Be sure never to add an extra comma between the final adjective and the noun itself or to use commas with non-coordinate adjectives.  See Writing for Success Section 3.1 pp. 102-103 or Rule 5 at the following: https://guidetogrammar.org/grammar/commas.htm.


Coordinate Adjectives:

Lois was a tiny, ferocious puppy with powerful, needle-like teeth.


Coordinate Adjectives: 

She knows that Winston will be a smart, upstanding, healthy gentleman someday.


Non-coordinate Adjectives:

She ate five free pancakes that morning.

[No comma between “five” and “free.”] [H12]



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