C1: Verbs: Perfect Tense

C1: Verbs: Perfect Tense: Use the auxiliary verb “to have” + a past participle to form perfect verb tenses correctly.  See Writing for Success Section 5.5 pp. 196-200 or the following:  http://www.cws.illinois.edu/workshop/writers/perfectforms


Perfect tense shows action completed by a certain time in the past, present, or future:


Past Perfect:

 I had eaten six marshmallows on the previous camping trip.

Roberta had listened to a lot of heavy metal in high school.


Present Perfect:

You have watched enough YouTube for one night.

He has stolen my t-shirts for the past year.


Future Perfect uses the helping verb “will” as well:

They will have visited Glamis ten times by the end of decade.

We will have known the Johnsons for a year when Thanksgiving comes.



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