3D Maps

A type of map that is three dimensional and appears to have all three spatial dimensions including length, width and depth


A cell reference that refers to cells by their fixed position in a worksheet; an absolute cell reference remains the same when the formula is copied and is indicated by the $ sign

Accounting Number Format

An Excel number format that applies a thousand comma separator where appropriate, inserts a fixed U.S. dollar sign aligned at the left edge of the cell, two decimal places and leaves a small amount of space at the right edge of the cell to accommodate parenthesis for negative numbers

Active Cell

The cell surrounded by a black border that is ready to have content typed into it or perform a command

Alignment Guide

A green vertical or horizontal line that displays when you are moving or sizing an object to assist with proper placement


A visual or sound effect added to an object or text on a slide

Animation Pane

The pane that displays with additional options that can be applied to animations


To add on to the end of an object, for example, adding records to the end of an existing table in a database


A computer program that helps you perform a task for a specific purpose

Arrange Tab

A tab in the Report Layout toolbar that allows you to make changes to the arrangement of tables, rows and columns in a Report

Artistic Effects

Formats applied to images that make pictures resemble sketches or paintings


Sound files that can be recorded and embedded into a presentation

Auto Fill

An Excel feature that generates and extends values into adjacent cells based on the values of the selected cells


A data type that describes a unique sequential or random number assigned by Access as each record is entered and that is useful for data that has no distinct field that can be considered unique. This data type cannot be manually changed or typed in


An Excel function that adds a group of values and then divides the result by the number of values in the group

Background Image

An image that can be added to the background of a PowerPoint slide and will be automatically resized to fill the entire slide

Backstage View

A centralized space for file management tasks such as opening, saving, printing, or sharing a file

Blank Document

A starting point for creating a new document in Microsoft Word

Blank Form

Allows you to create a new, blank form, which you can then customize and format the way you want

Blank Workbook

A file that data has not been entered into it yet and contains one or more worksheets


A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style


A control that retrieves data from an underlying table or query

Bulleted List

A list of items in no particular order that are preceded by a bullet for emphasis and organization


Text symbols such as small circles that precede each item in a bulleted list


The intersection of a row and column in a table

Cell Content

Anything typed into a cell

Cell Styles

A defined set of formatting characteristics such as font, font size, font color, cell borders, and cell shading

Chart Editor

Provides options to edit and customize a chart in Google Sheets

Chart Sheet

A workbook sheet that contains only a chart

Chart Title

A label that describes the chart purpose

Check Box

A small box which can be clicked to indicate a check is turned on or off to indicate an on or off response

Clear All

When selected all format and comments that are contained in the selected cells will be cleared

Clear Contents

When selected clears only the contents in the selected cells while leaving any formats and comments in place

Cloud Computing

Applications and services that are accessed over the internet

Cloud Storage

Online storage of data including files and folders that allows access from different places and devices


Applications and services that are accessed over the internet

Clustered Column

A type of chart that displays more than one data series in clustered vertical columns; commonly used for direct comparison of multiple series, but they become visually complex quickly

Color Saturation

Intensity of the color; higher saturation makes a picture look more vivid, lower saturation makes the colors look more grey

Color Variant

A variation on the presentation theme style or color


A vertical group of cells in a spreadsheet, indicated by letters

Comma Number Style

An Excel number format that inserts a thousand comma separators when needed with two decimal places, and leaves a space to the right to accommodate parenthesis for negative numbers

Constant Value

A set value that does not change and is directly typed into a cell. There are two types: Text and number values


Slides that are adjacent to each other in a presentation


Microsoft’s ‘personal assistant’ in Windows 10


A statistical Excel function that counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given condition and has two arguments - the range of cells to check and the criteria

Cover Letter

A letter of introduction that highlights key points in the resume that follows


A command that removes unwanted or unnecessary areas of a picture

Crop to Shape

A command that removes unwanted or unnecessary areas of a picture and forms it into a specified shape

Ctrl + F2

A keyboard shortcut that displays the print preview


The documents, worksheets, pictures, songs, and so on that you create and store during the day-to-day use of your computer

Data Analyst

An IT professional whose responsibilities include inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making

Data Labels

A text that describes and identifies data in a chart

Data Management

The management of files and folders for organization

Data Type

Classification identifying the kind of data that can be stored in a field such as numbers, text or dates


An organized collection of facts about people, events, things or ideas related to a specific topic or purpose

Datasheet View

The Access view that displays data organized in columns and rows similar to an Excel spreadsheet


Stands for Database Administrator, an IT professional whose primary responsibilities include database installation, configuration, design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery

Decrease Decimal

For numbers already entered in a worksheet, you can increase or decrease the number of decimal places displayed by using the toolbar buttons

Design Tab

A tab in the Report Layout toolbar that allows you to make modifications to the design of the Report

Design View

The Access view that displays data organized in columns and rows similar to an Excel spreadsheet


A simulation of a real desk that represents your work area

Desktop Apps

A computer program that is installed on your PC and requires a computer operating system such as Microsoft Windows to run, also known as an app

Desktop Mode

A windows 10 view where app icons appear in an alphabetical list on the left side of the screen, and they can be made to appear on the right side as tiles


The area in a Form that data is displayed and interacted with; may include text boxes, check boxes, combo boxes, labels, pictures and other data editing controls

Developer’s View

Also known as Design View. The most powerful view in Access

Effect Options

Additional enhancements such as sound and timing that can be applied to an animation


Informally as dot-dot-dot, is a series of dots that indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning. When selected, additional options appear

Em Dash

A punctuation symbol that indicates and explanation or emphasis


The integration of links, images, videos, gifs and other content from a variety of digital sources into a presentation

Enable Content

Microsoft Office's built in security feature

End Users

The person or people that use the database


Also known as a ‘dump’, extracting and saving a database file which can be used for storage, distribution or importing into another system


A tool that captures the exact color from an object on your screen and then applies it to any shape, picture or text


A function key that runs spelling and grammar check when pressed


Placeholders that store and display data, and can perform simple tasks like returning the page number or current date and time

Field (2)

A single piece of information that is stored in every record and is represented by a column in a database table

Field Name

The description that identifies a field


Information, such as a document, stored on a computer under a single name

File Name

The name of the file, it is good practice to use _ rather than other special characters when naming a file

Fill Handle

The small square in the lower right hand corner of a selected cell

Financial Analyst

A professional career, undertaking financial analysis for external or internal clients as a core feature of the job


A function of the crop command that allows you to resize the picture so that the entire picture displays inside the picture area, while maintain the original aspect ratio

Flash Fill

Recognizes a pattern in your data and then automatically fills in values when you enter an example of the desired output; can be used to split data from two or more cells or to combine data from two cells

Flat Databases

A simple database that file that is not related or linked to any other collections of data


A spot to store and organize files on a computer


The bottom margin of each page


A database object that you can use to enter new records into a table, or to edit, delete, and display existing records in a table

Form Design

Allows you to work with the underlying structure of your form

Form Footer

The bottom margin of each page of an Access form

Form Header

The top margin of each page of an Access form

Form View

The Access view in which you can view, modify, delete or add records in a table but you cannot change the layout or design of the form

Form Wizard

A step by step way to create a form

Format Painter

Allows you to copy formatting from one item and apply it to another

Format Tab

A tab in the Report Layout toolbar that allows you to make changes to the formatting of a Report such as Fonts and Backgrounds

Formatting Marks

Characters that display on the screen but do not print, indicating where the Enter key, the Spacebar, and Tab key were pressed, also called non printing characters


An equation that performs a mathematical calculation on values in a worksheet

Formula Bar

An element in the Excel window that displays the value or formula contained in the active cell, you can edit and enter formulas here


An equation that performs a mathematical calculation on values in a worksheet

Function Arguments

The values than an Excel function uses to perform calculations or operations

Goal Seek

A what-if analysis that finds the input needed in one cell to arrive at the desired result in another cell

Group, Sort, and Total

A panel that displays at the bottom of the Report window in design view in which you can control how information is sorted, grouped, and totaled in a report


Stands for Graphical User Interface - graphics such as an image of a file or folder that you click to perform an action

Home Page

The main page of a website


Small images that represent commands, files, applications, or other windows


The process of copying data from another file, such as an Excel Spreadsheet, into a separate file, such as an Access table


Specifies the distance between where the lines in a paragraph start in relation to the left or right margins


Data that is accurate, timely, and organized in a useful manner

Insertion Point

A blinking vertical line that indicates where text will be inserted when you type or where an action will take place

Inside Address

The name and address of the person of business received the letter, positioned below the date line

Is Null

Criteria used in queries that that searched for fields that are empty

Keep Source Formatting

Maintains formatting options from the source file

Keyboard Shortcut

One or more keys used to perform a menu function or other common functions


Processed information that is useful when making important decisions


Descriptive words that explain data in a spreadsheet


The arrangement of elements in a PowerPoint slide such as title and subtitle, lists, pictures, shapes, charts, tables and media

Layout Options

Picture formatting options that control the manner in which text wraps around a picture or other object

Layout View

The Access view in which you can make changes to o form or report while the data from the underlying data and source displays


The space between tab stops can show a line, dots or dashes to line up information and guide the reader


The heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper that typically includes name and address or company logo.


Any disk, drive, folder or other place on your computer in which you can store files and create folders

Lock Anchor

A feature in word that allows you to move your image to any position on the same page as the anchor paragraph which forces the object to stay in that position

Lock Aspect Ratio

A graphic option in which the ratio between height and width remains constant but the height and width can increase or decrease


An Excel function that determines the largest value in a selected range of values


An Excel function that find the middle value that has as many values above it in the group as are below it

Merge and Center

A command that joins selected cells in an Excel spreadsheet into one larger cell and centers the contents of the merged cell

Microsoft 365

A version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint; to which you subscribe for an annual fee. Microsoft 365 is free to students at Maricopa Community Colleges

Microsoft Account

A user account with which you can sign into any Windows 10 computer on which you have, or, create an account

Microsoft PowerPoint

A presentation program used to create business, educational or informal presentations


An Excel function that determines the smallest value in a selected range of values


Appears whenever you right-click text in Word, Excel or PowerPoint and provides a quick-access version of the Font group on the Home tab, plus a few extra buttons from other groups

Multiple Operators

A type of excel formula that contains more than one operator; mathematical order of operations is followed

Name Box

An element of the Excel window that displays the name of the selected cell, table, chart or object

Navigation Pane

An area of the Access window that displays and organizes the names of the objects in a database and allows objects to be opened for use


A printed or electronic report containing news regarding updates for an organization or business and is sent to interested parties


Cells that are not touching one another; to select non-adjacent rows or columns, hold Ctrl and select the row or column numbers


Slides that are not adjacent to each other in a presentation

Normal View

The primary editing view in PowerPoint where you write and design your presentations

Notes Pages

A printout that contains the slide image on the top half of the page and notes that you have entered on the notes pane in the lower half of the page

Notes Pane

A printout that contains the slide image on the top half of the page and notes that you have entered on the notes pane in the lower half of the page

NOW Function

An Excel function that retrieves the date and time from your computer’s calendar and clock and inserts the information into the selected cell

Number Values

Constant values consisting of only numbers

Object Type

A way to sort objects in the navigation pane so they are grouped by type


The basic parts of a database that you create to store your data and to work with your data; includes tables, queries forms and reports

One-Click Row/Column Insertion

A feature in Word tables that allows users to insert a new row or column by pointing to the desired location and then clicking once


The most common type of database relationship between two tables where one record in the first table corresponds to many records in the second table


Microsoft’s free cloud storage

Online Pictures

Allows you to find and insert online pictures into your presentation from a variety of sources

Operating System

A computer program that manages the other programs and devices on a computer

Order of Operations

The mathematical rules for performing multiple calculations within a formula

Outline View

A PowerPoint view that displays the presentation outline to the left of the slide pane

Page Border

A decorative border that appears outside the margins on each page and can be solid, dashed, or an artistic style

Page Setup Tab

A tab in the Report Layout toolbar that allows you to make changes to the Setup of a report to prepare it for printing, such as Page Size and Page Layout


A pen shaped stylus that you can use on touch screen computers


Images or graphics that are stored locally on a computer or flash drive and can be uploaded to a document to add visual interest

Pie Explosion

When one slice, or all of the slices of a pie chart are pulled away from each other to add emphasis


A box on a slide with a dotted border that holds the title, body text, or other content such as charts, tables and media


Any symbol that displays on your screen in response to moving your mouse and with which you can select objects and commands

Pointing Device

A mouse or touchpad that is used to control the pointer


The action of filling a database table with records

Present Online

A Word feature that allows you to share your documents online using a web browser


The process of communicating a topic to an audience, typically a demonstration, introduction, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade, inspire, motivate, or to build good will or to present a new idea or product

Presentation Software

Computer software used to display information in the form of a slide show, published to the web or recorded to watch as a video

Primary Key

A required field that uniquely identifies a record in a table

Print Options

Although presentations are not typically printed, this will allow efficient options for when printing is necessary

Print Preview

A backstage view feature that displays on the screen what a hard (printed) copy would looks like

Print Selection

Allows you to print a specific selection of cells


A set of instructions that a computer uses to complete a task

Property Sheet

A list of characteristics, or properties, for fields or controls on a form or report in which you can make precise changes to each properly associated with the field or control

Query Grid

The bottom pane of the Query Design View window in which you specify the fields, sort order, and limiting criteria for the query

Query Wizard

A step by step way to create four types of queries to use in accessing and modifying the data in your database

Quick Access Toolbar

Located above the Ribbon (top-left) and provides access to commonly used features and commands, such as Save and Undo/Redo, and is customizable

Quick Analysis Tool

A button that appears at the bottom right corner of the selected data and lets you instantly create different types of charts, including line and column charts, or add miniature graphs called sparklines

Quick Styles

An efficient way to add effects to a picture such as shape, border, and other effects


Two or more selected cells on a worksheet that are adjacent or nonadjacent

Range Finder

An Excel feature that outlines cells in color to indicate which cells are used in a formula, useful for verifying which cells are reinforced in a formula

Reading View

A view in PowerPoint that displays a presentation in a manner similar to a side show but in which the taskbar, title bar, and status bar remain available in the presentation window


A record in a table represents a set of related data


In a database, information that is duplicated in a manner that indicates poor database design

Relational Databases

A sophisticated type of database that has multiple collections of data within the file that are related to one another


An association that you establish between two tables based on common fields

Remove Background

Automatically removes unwanted portions of a picture, makers can be used to indicate areas to keep or remove from the picture


Also known as the Report Tool, a quick and easy way to create a new Report

Report View

A Report view that is the default view used when you double-click a report in the Navigation Pane

Report Wizard

A step by step way to create a Report


The physical components of your computer such as the CPU, memory and other attached devices like a USB or printer


A formal document that provides an overview of professional qualifications for an employment opportunity

Resume Assistant

A feature in Word where you can see suggestions from LinkedIn to enhance your resume

Reuse Slides

Allows you to take slides from an existing presentation and insert them into a new presentation without the need to open the old presentation; also allows you to keep the original formatting or apply the formatting used in your new presentation


A horizontal group of cells in a spreadsheet, indicated with numbers

Save As Dialog Box

Allows the user specify the drive, directory, and name of a file to save their file

Screen Clipping

Allows you to capture an image from your screen

Screen Shot

A picture of one’s computer screen that can be inserted into a presentation

Shape Effects

A grouping of coordinating effects that can be applied to a shape including shadows, glows, reflections, soft edges, bevels, and three-dimensional (3-D) rotations

Shape Outline

Allows you to change the outline color, weight (thickness), and style of a the outline surrounding a shape

Shape Styles

Allows you to apply preset colors and effects to quickly change the appearance of your shape


Lines, arrows, starts, banners, ovals, rectangles, and other basic shapes with which you can illustrate an idea, a process or a workflow


A way to enhance picture details or make pictures more appealing by removing unwanted blemishes on a picture


A new spreadsheet will be created with only one sheet, called Sheet1; additional sheets can be added as you need them

Short Text

An Access data type that describes text which can be a combination of letters and numbers that are not used in calculations, such as zip code


A checkbox in the Query Grid that enables fields to be shown or hidden

Slide Decks

A collective group of slides in a presentation

Slide Show

Occupies the full computer screen exactly the way your presentation will look on a big screen when your audience sees it

Slide Sorter

Displays a miniature version of each slide


A presentation page that can contain text, pictures, tables, charts, and other multimedia or graphic objects

Small Caps

Allows you to capture an image from your screen

Smart Guides

Dashed lines that display on your slide when you are moving an object to assist you with alignment


Horizontal position which is set for placing and aligning text on a page


A tiny chart in the background of a cell that gives visual trend summary alongside your data

Speaker Notes

Helps presenters recall important points, such as key messages or stats, as they give a presentation

Special Character

Normal characters that don't appear on standard keyboards; but once inserted into a Word doc, they look the same as keyboard characters

Spelling and Grammar Check

Identifies spelling and grammatical errors and provides suggestions for correction


Also known as worksheet, where data is entered for organization, analysis, and storage in tabular form in rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations

Square Text Wrapping

The manner in which text displays around an object

Start Menu

A menu in Windows 10 that displays as a result of clicking the Start or Windows icon and displays installed programs and tiles

Status Bar

Located at the bottom of the PowerPoint window and shows messages and information about the view, such as the slide number and the current theme template used

SUM Function

A commonly used predefined formula that adds all of the numbers in a selected range

Summary Sheet

A worksheet where totals from other worksheets are displayed and summarized


Also called synching, is the process of updating computer files that are in two or more locations according to specific rules


A key on your keyboard that allows you to move to the next cell in Excel

Tab Indicator

A button to the left of the ruler that provides tab marker options

Tab Stop

Horizontal position which is set for placing and aligning text on a page


An arrangement of information organized into rows and columns


Any word, phrase, or number string related to the file that may help you locate the file later

Template Gallery

Thousands of pre-made templates available in Google Slides


Premade Google Slides presentations that can be used as is, or modified to fit your needs

Text Box

A moveable, resizable container for text or graphics

Text Effects and Topography

Decorative formats, such as shadowed or colors that make text stand out

Text Values

Constant values that are only text, and often times provide descriptions for Number values, may also be called a label


A predefined set of colors, fonts, lines, and fill effects that coordinate each other

Theme Styles

A coordinated group of theme attributes that can be applied to shape styles


A set of unified design elements that provides a coordinated look for your presentation by applying colors, fonts and effects

Title Slide

A slide layout this is commonly used as the first slide in a presentation and contains and introduction to the presentation

Toggle Button

A button that can be turned on and off by clicking it once to turn on, and clicking again to turn it off

Touch Screen Interfaces

Often used on mobile devices, tablets and some laptops, a display device which allows the user to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen


Motion effects that occur in slide show view when you move from one slide to another during a presentation


Refers to taking off either part of the beginning or end of a media clip

Unbound Label

A control that does not have a source of data, such as the title in a form or report

Underlying Formula

The formula entered in a cell and visible only on the Formula Bar


Stands for Uniform Resource Locator, also common only know as a web address

USB Flash Drive

Also called a removable storage device, used to save and transfer information from one computer to another

User Account

A single user on a computer

User Friendly

Easy to use and understand, it is a goal to create database that are easy to use

What-If Analysis

The process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas in a worksheet


Special characters that can be used to take the place of characters in a formula; including ? (any one character) or * (zero or more characters)

Windows 10

An operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation that works with mobile computing devices and also with traditional desktop and laptop PCs

Windows 10 Display

The configurable pages in Windows 10 which is an Operating System developed by Microsoft that works on mobile devices and traditional laptop and desktop PC’s

Word Art

Gallery of text styles that you can add to your publications to create decorative effects, such as shadowed or mirrored (reflected) text

Word Processing

The act of using a computer program to create, edit and print documents

Word Processor

Software or a device that allows users to create, edit, and print documents


A gallery of text styles with which you can create decorative effects, such as shadowed or mirrored


A file that contains one or more worksheets to help you organize data


A free video sharing website


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