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Complete the following Practice Activity and submit your completed project.

For our first assignment in Word, we will create a flyer to be printed or posted online. The flyer will advertise a volunteer opportunity for Health Sciences students at Paradise Valley Community College. Key skills in this practice are inserting text and pictures, textboxes, formatting text and footers.


  1. Start Word. Click
  2. Show by navigating to the Home Tab, Paragraph Group, and selecting and selecting the Show/Hide icon. This is a . This means it has two modes, on and off.  To turn it on, click it once, to turn it off, click it again
  3. Show the ruler by navigating to the View tab, Show Group, and selecting the Ruler . A Check Box is a type of input control. A checkboxes value is only included in the submitted data if the checkbox is currently checked. In other words, when the box is checked, the value is included
  4. Navigate to the File Tab to enter Backstage View. In backstage view, select File, then Save As.  Click the Browse button. In the , navigate to your flash drive, Word folder. In the Name field, type Yourlastname_Yourfirstname_Word_Practice_1 as the file name, and then save.
  5. Type Volunteer Opportunity Available and press Enter twice.
  6. Type the following text: This fall, Paradise Valley Community College is offering a unique volunteer opportunity for Health Sciences students. Press spacebar.
  7. Navigate to the Insert Tab, Text group, and choose the Object arrow. Then choose text from file. In the Insert File dialog box, browse to your data files folder for Word. Select the file Text_Word_Practice1. The text will automatically update your document.
  8. Select all of the text in the document. On the Home Tab, Font Group, ensure the Font is Calibri and font size is 11.
  9. Select the title, Volunteer Opportunity Available, including the paragraph mark. On the Home Tab, Font Group, select the arrow next to . In the third row, third column, apply the Fill: Blue, Accent color 5; Outline: White, Background color 1; Hard Shadow: Blue, color 5 text effect.
  10. With the title still selected, change the font size to 36.
  11. On the Home Tab, Paragraph Group, choose Center to align the title centered on the page.
  12. On the Home Tab, Font Group, change the font color to Blue, Accent 1 for the title.
  13. With the title still selected, on the Home Tab, in the Font Group, choose the arrow next to the Text Effect and Typography icon. Apply a Shadow and under Inner, click Inside: Right text effect.
  14. Position the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph that begins with This Fall.
  15. On the Insert tab, Illustrations group, choose . Navigate to your data files folder and choose the HSPicture_Word_Practice1 image.
  16. Be sure the picture is selected, and apply the  option.
  17. Using the sizing handle at the lower right hand corner of the picture, drag up and to the left until the bottom of the graphic is aligned at approximately 3.5 inches on the vertical ruler.
  18. Click Undo to return the picture to its original size. The Undo icon is located in the quick access toolbar in the upper left hand corner.
  19. On the Picture Tools, Format tab, in the size group, change the shape width to 4”.
  20. On the , click the Save icon.  Then, compare your document to the image below.
Note: You may want to toggle the show/hide off so that you can see how the document will look when printed, or posted online.




  1. Ensure the picture is still selected. Display the Layout dialog box by selecting the shortcut menu which is to the right of the picture, then choose see more. In the Layout dialog box for the picture, make sure the Position tab is selected.
  2. Set the horizontal alignment to Left, relative to Margin.
  3. Set the vertical alignment to Top, relative to Line. Select OK to close the dialog box.
  4. With the picture selected, apply the Soft Edges 10 Point picture effect. This is on the Picture Tools Format Tab, Picture Styles group, under Picture Effects, Soft Edges.
  5. With the picture selected, on the Picture Tools, Format tab, in the Adjust Group choose the arrow. Apply the Pastels Smooth artistic effect. Deselect the picture.
  6. On the Design Tab, in the Page Background Group, select Page Borders. Add a selecting the:
    1. Shadow setting
    2. Triple Lines style
    3. Blue, Accent 1 color
    4. Whole document
  1. Position the insertion pointer at the blank paragraph below the title and press Enter four times.
  2. On the Insert Tab, in the Illustrations group, choose . Insert a Rounded Rectangle shape at the left margin at approximately 1.5 inches on the vertical ruler. Click once to insert a 1-inch by 1-inch Rounded Rectangle, or use the drag and drop feature.
  3. On the Drawing Tools, Format Tab in the Size group, Change the shape height to approximately 1.8 and the shape width to 6.4.
  4. Select the Rectangle shape and type the following text: For more information, please contact Grace Smith at 602-787-6714. Or, email info@paradisevalley.edu
  5. Italicize the text, change the font to Calibri and increase the font size to 16.
  6. With the text still selected, explore the , by clicking the Font Color button arrow and under Theme Colors, click on Blue, Accent 5, Darker 50%.
  7. With the shape still selected, go to the Drawing Tools, Format Toolbar, the  Group. Select the arrow next to and under Theme Colors, click on Blue, Accent 5, Darker 50%. Change the weight to 3pt.

Compare your document to the image below.

Note: It is ok if your document does not look exactly like the screenshot below. This is your first attempt at practicing a new skill. You will have the opportunity to make final adjustments, using the skills you learned, at the end of this practice. 
  1. Using the CTRL+END , navigate to the end of your document. If your keyboard does not have these keys, click to put your insertion point after the period on opportunity. Hit enter 3 times.
  2. Your insertion point should be approximately at the 7” mark on the horizontal ruler. On the Insert tab, in the text group,  click the arrow next to the and draw a text box at approximately the 1”mark on the vertical ruler.  Draw a text box by dragging down to create a text box that is approximately 1.5 inches high by 4.5 inches wide. Type the following in the text box: Volunteering is an excellent way to gain service hours. Service hours are required for entry into some Health sciences programs, and looks great on your resume. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills.
  3. Select and Drag the textbox, by clicking and holding on the outer edge,  until the horizontal green  displays above the first blank paragraph mark and the vertical green alignment guide displays in the center of the page. To be more precise:
    • In the Layout dialog box on the Position Tab for the text box set the horizontal alignment to Centered, relative to Margin.
    • Set the Vertical alignment by typing .75 in the Absolute position box and selecting Below
  1. On the Size tab, type 1.5 in the Absolute Height box and 4.5 in the Absolute Width box. Then, click OK.
Note: For a reminder on how to set up the precise layout’, review step 21.
  1. With the textbox still selected, on the Drawing Tools, Format Tab, in the group Apply the Colored Outline – Blue, Accent 1 shape style.
  2. Under , apply the Offset Center outer shadow shape effect to the text box.
  3. Select the text in the text box, change the font size to 14 italics, and center the text.
  4. Save the document. Compare your document to the image below.
  1. On the Insert tab, in the Header & Footer Group, choose Edit Footer. On the Header & Footer Design Toolbar, in the Insert Group, choose Document Info.  Use Document Info to insert the file name in the footer. Select the File Name . The File Name should display in the lower right hand footer of the document.  Do not type it in, rather use the Document Info Field.
  2. In Backstage view, click on Show All Properties, and type the following:
    • In the box: trainee, flyer, internship
      • You may see the words ‘Tags’ or ‘Keywords’ here
    • In the Subject box: Your course name and section number
    • In the Author box: Your first and last name
  1. Turn off formatting marks. As a reminder, formatting marks are on the Home Tab, Paragraph Group.
  2. Take a moment to compare your document to the image below and make any modifications based on what you have learned.
  1. Zoom in to view the document in a larger size. Zoom is located in the lower right hand corner of the Word window.
  2. Save again, and ensure you have your file saved in a safe location. Take note of that location because you will need to find your file to upload it for grading.
  3. Submit the file for grading per your instructor’s instructions.

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