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Complete the following Master Activity and submit your completed project.

In this activity you are working for an employment agency and have been asked to fix a resume before sending it to potential employers. Follow the guidelines below to correct the resumes, ensuring it is professional, organized and easy to read without changing the content.


  1. From your data files, open the file Starter_Word_Master2. Rename the file as Lastname_Firstname_Word_Master2.
  2. Merge the first two cells in the first row of the table.
  3. Center the text in the first row.
  4. Change the font, font color and font size of the text in the first row.
  5. Change the font of the remaining text to ensure it coordinates with the heading.
  6. Apply bullets, indenting, and modify the Font to the text in the second column to make it easier to read.
  7. Resize the table, and ensure the resume fits to one page only.
  8. Hide table borders.
  9. Apply a border to the first row only to ensure the name and contact information stand out.
  10. Ensure all fonts, font size and paragraph spacing is consistent.
  11. Run spelling and grammar check and make all necessary corrections.
  12. Submit as instructed by your instructor.

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