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Complete the following Master Activity and submit your completed project.

All about me using Google Slides


As a student at Maricopa, you should already have a Google Account. You will need to be logged into Google account to complete this assignment. Since Google Slides is web based, it changes frequently. The steps outlined here may be slightly different from what you see on your screen. If you do not already have a Google account, you will need to create one. Go to and in the upper right corner, click Sign In. On the Sign in screen, click Create Account. On the Create your Google Account page, complete the form, read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then click Next step. On the Welcome screen, click Get Started.


For this assignment, we will use Google Slides to create an ‘All About Me’ Presentation that highlights:

    • Your hobbies
    • Family and pets
    • Work
    • Major
    • 1, 5 and 10 year goals


  1. From the desktop, open your browser, navigate to, and then sign in to your Google account. In the upper right corner of your screen, click Google apps, and then click Slides. If you are already logged into your Maricopa Google Apps Account, click Apps, then Slides.
  2. Select the template gallery to browse templates. Take a moment to view templates for Maricopa Community colleges as well as General templates.
  3. Select the back arrow to go back to the main Slides page. Select the plus sign to start a new Blank presentation. If necessary, hit ESC on your keyboard to show the toolbar.
  4. In the Themes dialog box, select the Simple Dark theme.
  5. Name your presentation Yourlastname_Yourfirstname_PowerPoint_Master1, and save it in your google drive or other location as indicated by your instructor.
  6. With Slide 1 selected, Enter your Name as the title, and for the subtitle type All About Me.
  7. On the Slide tab, select New Slide to insert a new blank slide. Type My Hobbies as the slide title. In the textbox below, create a bulleted list with at least 5 hobbies. The bulleted list is found on the main menu, format, in google slides.
  8. On the main menu, select the plus button to add another new slide with the same layout as the previous slide.
  9. Type My Family and Pets for the slide title. In the text box below the title create a bulleted list with information on your family and pets.
  10. On the main menu, select the arrow next to the plus button to add a new slide with the Title and two columns layout. Type My Work and Major for the title. In the textbox to the left create a bulleted list that contains at least 3 bullets about your work life. In the textbox to the right create a bulleted list that contains at least 2 bullets about your Major or future career.
  11. On the main menu, select the arrow next to the plus button to add a new slide with the Section Title and Description layout. Type My Goals for the title, and delete the subtitle textbox. In the textbox to the right, create a numbered list with the following:
    1. My one-year goal is to…
    2. My five-year goal is to…
    3. My ten-year goal is to…
  12. Complete each sentence with your own personal goals.
  13. Select slide 1 so that it is the active slide. Ensure the entire slide is selected, not the textbox. On the main menu, select background. In the background dialog box, next to Image, select Choose image. Select the option for Google image search. Find an image that represents you, and add it to the background for the title slide.
  14. If necessary, change the text color, or move the text so that it stands out against the new background image. To change the text color, select the text box, and on the main menu select text color.
  15. Select slide 2 so that it is the active slide. On the Main menu, select the Insert Image button, and the select Search the Web. Search for an image the describes your hobbies, and then insert it into slide 2. If necessary resize the image by selecting it, and using the resize handles.
  16. With the image selected, choose Animate on the Main Menu. Add an Object Animation to Fade in on click. Play the animation to preview it and close the Motion dialog box if necessary.
  17. Select slide 3 so that it is the active slide. In the empty space next to the bulleted list, add a shape from the Insert tab, then Shapes. Choose any shape to complement slide 3, and add it to your slide. Then, add text, and a fill color to the shape.
  18. Select slide 4 so that it is the active slide. On the Insert tab, select video, and use the YouTube search to embed a video related to your future career. Trim the video so it is 3 minutes or less. If necessary, close the Format video dialog box.
  19. Select slide 5 so that it is the active slide. Select the textbox with your goals listed. On the main menu, select a light blue fill color for the textbox. Then, select a darker blue Border Color, with a border weight of 8px. Ensure the solid border line is selected.
  20. On the Tools tab, run Spelling Check and make any corrections.
  21. In the upper right hand corner, select the arrow next to Present, and the select Present from the beginning. Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate each slide of the slide deck. When completed, press the ESC key on your keyboard.
  22. Make any final adjustments to your slide deck, and submit per your instructor’s instructions.

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