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Complete the following Challenge and submit your completed project.


In this challenge activity, you will complete a project that incorporates many of the key skills learned in the PowerPoint Unit. For this project, you are the Marketing Director for the Arizona Tourism Office. The goal of the presentation is to educate visitors on all of the wonderful things Arizona has to offer. You will create a PowerPoint Presentation with the following:


    • 7 Themed slides
    • Graphics
    • Animations and transitions
    • Line Graph
    • SmartArt
    • WordArt


  1. Open PowerPoint and select Blank Presentation. In Backstage View, save the presentation in your PowerPoint folder, and name it Lastname_Firstname_PowerPoint_Challenge.
  2. On the Title Slide, in the Title Content Placeholder add the following text: Arizona. In the content placeholder under the title add the following text: The Grand Canyon State. Change the Font Color to Black, Background 1. Bold all of the text.
  3. Add a background picture to the title slide only. The background image is found in your data files and titled PowerPoint_Challenge_Step3. Change the transparency of the background picture to 25%.
  4. Change the Theme to Office Theme, with the third variant.
  5. Using Reuse slides, add slides 2-6 from the presentation in your data files titled PowerPoint_Challenge_Step_5.
  6. On Slide 2, insert an online picture of a cactus. Resize and reposition the picture so that it fits to the right of the text. Apply the Soft Edge Rectangle Quick Style.
  7. On Slide 2, show the speaker notes. In the notes pane, add a period after 2019. And then type the following note: Retrieved online on 1/26/2021 at
  8. On slide 3, insert the picture from your data files titled PowerPoint_Challenge_Step8. Resize and reposition the image so that it fits to the right of the text. Apply the Soft Edge Rectangle Quick Style.
  9. On Slide 3, show the speaker notes. In the notes pane, add the following note: The Grand Canyon is also located in Arizona, and is a National Park.
  10. On Slide 3, insert an Oval Callout shape. Resize the shape so that it has a height of about 2.1” and a width of about 3.4”. The shape should be located in the bottom portion of the slide, it is ok if it covers a portion of the text or picture. Apply the Colored Fill – Blue, Accent 5 Shape Style. In the shape, type Which parks have you been to? Apply the Float In animation to the shape.
  11. On slide 4, insert a Line with Markers Chart. Use the following Data:

Year End










  1. Apply Quick Style 3 to the Line Chart, and delete the Legend.
  2. In the speaker notes on slide 4 type the following note: Data provided by the Arizona Office of Tourism in collaboration with Northern Arizona University – The W.A. Franke College of Business.
  3. On slide 5, insert the alternating hexagon SmartArt. In each shape, enter one sports team per shape, in any order. Delete the Add a picture placeholder, and delete the bulleted list of sports teams. Move the SmartArt to the right of the title. Change the colors of the SmartArt to Transparent Gradient Range – Accent 1. Apply the 3-D polished Quick Style to the SmartArt.
  4. On slide 6, insert an online picture of a desert sunset. If necessary, resize and reposition the picture so that it fits to the right of the text. Apply the Soft Edge Rectangle Quick Style.
  5. After slide 6, add a new slide with the Blank Layout. Insert a Fill- Blue, Accent 1 Shadow WordArt with the word We look forward to seeing you soon!
  6. Apply the Page Curl transition to all slides in the deck.
  7. Run Spelling and Grammar check and make any corrections.
  8. View the Slide Show.
  9. Save your presentation, and take note of where it is located. There should be a total of 7 slides in your slide deck. Compare your presentation to the image below, and make any modifications if needed. Close out of PowerPoint and submit your entire presentation per your instructor’s instructions.


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