Acquiescence bias is the tendency to agree rather than disagree with items on a questionnaire. It can also mean agreeing with statements when you are unsure or in doubt

Bias on the other hand refers to differences that do not have exactly the same meaning within and across cultures

Cross-cultural studies are those that use standard forms of measurement, such as Likert scales, to compare people from different cultures and identify their differences

Cross-cultural (method) validation is another type of cross-cultural study that establishes whether assessments (e.g., surveys, tests, standard scales) are valid and reliable when used across cultures.

Cultural attribution fallacy. This happens when the researcher concludes that there are real cultural differences between groups without any actual support for this conclusion.

Debriefing is the process of informing research participants as soon as possible of the purpose of the study

Deception refers to the need of some research to deceive participants (e.g., using a cover story) to prevent participants from modifying their behavior in unnatural ways

Equivalence refers to similarity in conceptual meaning and empirical method between cultures

Extreme response bias is the tendency to use the ends of the scale (all high or all low values) regardless of what the items is asking or measuring.

Indigenous (ethnographic) studies are those in which the scientist spends time observing a culture and conducting interviews.

Informed consent states that people should know when they are involved in research, and understand what will happen to them during the study

Validity of an instrument is another way of saying accuracy.  Validity asks whether the instrument (or test) measures what it is supposed to measure

Reliability of an instrument is another way of saying consistency of the results or consistency of the instrument.

Socially desirable responding (SDR) is the tendency to respond in a way that make you look good

Voluntary participation is the choice to participate, along with the freedom to withdraw from the study at any time.


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