Appendix B: Assurance of Accessibility Standards

The book underwent an analysis to assure accessibility standards.  That rubric is included in the attached pdf, pages 10-11.  Media Attributions at the end of each chapter supply transcripts and alternative text, where applicable.  Instructor Resources are also included at the end of each chapter.

From AchieveOER, licensed under CC-BY

This rubric is used to assure materials are accessible to all students, including students identified as blind, visually impaired or print disabled, and those students who may qualify under the Chafee Amendment to the U.S. 1931 Act to Provide Books to the Adult Blind as Amended. It was developed to assess compliance with U.S. standards and requirements, but could be adapted to accommodate differences in other sets of requirements internationally. Accessibility is critically important for all learners and should be considered in the design of all online materials. Identification of certain characteristics will assist in determining if materials will be fully accessible for all students. Assurance that materials are compliant with the standards, recommendations, and guidelines specified assists educators in the selection and use of accessible versions of materials that can be used with all students, including those with different kinds of challenges and assistive devices.



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